Begin by Understanding RI's Recycling Regulations

Recently, the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management's Commercial Recycling program has undergone some exciting and significant changes that probably affect your business. As you may or may not be aware, the Rules and Regulations for Reduction and Recycling of Commercial and Non-Municipal Residential Solid Waste ("Commercial Recycling Regulations") effective September 1996 requires companies with 50 or more employees to submit annual recycling reports to DEM.

We have created an online reporting form in order to make it easy for your company to comply with the Commercial Recycling Regulations requirements. This is a result of DEM's efforts to reinvigorate the Commercial Recycling Program and help RI businesses understand that recycling can be easy and cost effective.

Need to find out how to get started on these annual reports? Look here. Additional resources from DEM on business recycling can be found on the Green Zone's resources page.

Please contact us with questions about an existing recycling program or to seek assistance with setting up a new recycling program.


Check Out this Checklist

The Green Zone checklist is the ideal way to 'take stock' of the kind of solid waste your business produces. The short two-page list walks you through the information gathering piece of a waste assessment. After completing the checklist, the next step is up to you-

  • If the results are obvious, feel free to talk to your waste hauler and ask about recycling options;
  • If you want more input from your colleagues, form a Green Zone in Action team at work and brainstorm ways to make changes in how you manage your solid waste;
  • If you're not sure how to move ahead, Contact us for a more detailed analysis of your waste stream, your collection methods, and how to develop and implement a high quality recycling and waste reduction program, including questions to ask your hauler and tips on forming a Green Zone in Action team.

Rather bring us in from the get-go? We're ready when you are! Contact us.

February 8, 2016